SEO job offer in Bangladesh

Job opportunity for SEO Experts in Bangladesh. is excited to announce that we are going to hire 8 SEO experts in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you are skilled and experienced, can work under pressure, be logical, have good sense of humor, can work in office daily 8 hours, weekly six days in US/CA office time this job is for you.

Job Description: Work with team for SEO projects. This is mainly ecommerce but not limited to it. The company will direct which work to do. The target is to increase the sales/business of the owner(s) by increasing their Search Engine visibility. There may be simultaneous projects running. You may enter into a contract for at least one year as you will receive our valuable insights.

Posts: 8

Qualifications: Have practical experience in SEO works. Good English and educational background are considered plus points, however exceptional performance is more priority. Logical, ethical and cooperative candidates are expected highly.

Salary Range: BDT 35000 to BDT 50000 monthly.

Office Location: Near to Shyamoli (not disclosed, pre-selected candidates will get location info)

Work Time: US/CA office time. 20:00 BST to 04:00/05:00

Notes: This is more a technical job, please do not apply if you have so called training but no practical knowledge. Employee will pass some stress situation at beginning stage. The company follows a non-discriminatory policy including but not limited to gender/height/weight/brightness/religion/origin/casts/minority/social class. We do not guarantee that your salary will be increased,  however we feel that you like to grow together, we shall try our best. The office environment does not support cooking, your stomach is your responsibility. There will be a code of conduct before appointing, which will be signed by candidate and following it is mandatory.


Interested candidates are requested to make a good CV. A passport scanned photo is better on CV. Please try to attach some of your best photos in email (not in CV, maximum five). Add your social media links, Upwork/Freelancer/Elance profile link if there in CV.

Address to send CV:

Last date of application: 3rd July 2015

imdb rating review service

IMDB Paid Rating Review Service via Web TAB and Mobile

IMBD Rating and review service is needed in many cases commonly to gain good rating because you made a good film, to make good revenue, because some people made poor rating intentionally, you are making next series, you need good attention.


We have three IMBD rating review packages

Bulk Rating: You mainly need rating and you have huge watchers. So good rating helps you rank better. No matter from which device or country the rating coming from.

Price: $0.25 per rating.

Minimum Order: 400 rating

Quality Rating: You need rating from some specific countries. You also need some reviews. Variation of devices is also a matter to you. You need IP variations. You need a bit care.

Price: $0.50 per rating.

Minimum Order: 200 rating

Natural Rating: You need rating from natural users who are motivated positively. We do this from our hundreds of sources. We influence users and this works really. We show them the good reason behind the film and only convinced are taken to rating page.

Price: $1.5 per rating.

Minimum Order: 100 rating

Promise: We ensure that whatever we did with you for IMDB rating and review will never be disclosed. Even we will not tell you who are our clients. We have so many clients but you should not ask about the identity of others.


Read our clients’ feedback about our rating service

I bought some rating just after releasing my movie, the revenue was three times better. Paying 10k is not a big deal when you receive a few million. – Undisclosed Movie Promoter


It was hard work but some people made poor rating at beginning. I was at a loss. After paying for good rating now common people posting positive rating. Public put 3 when they see 4 and 9 when they see 8. Biased people. – Undisclosed TV series maker

The rating service is not only limited to movies. You can get it for anything filmed. For travel show, adventure, drama, serials, documentary, movie and anything listed on IMDB and a rating system is there.


We have a large network and multiple groups to rate. We also have some natural networks where we generate positive rating by inspiration.


Please Contact Us

SEO Dhaka Bangladesh

It is time to move, It is time to change. yes, It is time to think again. According to oDesk in 2011 Bangladesh became top provider in SEO. According to ScriptLance, Top SEO providers are from Bangladesh. So you have to think again.

SEO Dhaka:

                           Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Crowd of people here. SEO Dhaka word born in this crowd. available internet, proper education and in search of work made SEO Dhaka word a Business word. Hundreds of Search Engine Optimizer individually or as company working here. Also other part of Bangladesh is growing day by day including large cities Rajshahi, Chittagong, Khulna, Rangpur.

SEO Bangladesh:

Indian SEO companies got top priority in past, Bangladesh took the place. how? Here in Bangladesh, labor cost is cheap. Young people dedicated to work, specially when it is related to technology. Government is positive to digital Bangladesh.

Progressive Bangladesh: Bangladeshi freelancers provide various types of SEO services including On page SEO, Complete SEO, link building, social bookmarking, forum posting, blog commenting, article writing, guest blogging etc.

eFarhad SEO in 2011:

                                            2011 was our best growing year. We became top SEO company in Bangladesh. Our company got more 25 SEO persons. We handled 1000+ SEO projects with full success. We performed complete manual work. We got hundreds of performance based workers from different part of Bangladesh. Our manual team became a reliable SEO team finally.

Our team is performing very well. We support for partial and full SEO work. Our best of luck is that our client satisfaction is 100% and returning clients is higher than other companies. We love to help them, who need to be top on Search Engines for their keywords.


For a Complete Search Engine Optimization to be top on google/yahoo/bing do not hesitate to Contact Us

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is most required thing to get your site ranked well and get organic traffic. We do SEO according to guideline of google Search Engine Optimization.

We offer below package. We may adjust them according to your need. Cost varies because of website type, content variation and competition.

01. On page optimization

-SEO plugin (According to CMS like wordpress, zencart etc..)
-internal link arrangement
-h1,h2 tags
-Image seo
-content seo
-sitemap seo
-google webmaster seo
-robots.txt optimization.

………Adjust 32 on page factors etc….

02. Competitors Research and Site Statistics

03. All search Engine Submission and google approval within 2 days.

04. Guest blog high cached. with heavy weighted backlink.

05. Social bookmarking to different site.

06. Dofollow Backlink (PR1 to PR5) from different sites

07. Directory submission. According to the need.

08. Natural backlink like alexa or with ping.

………… and 30 off page factors.

Why you will select us for SEO of your website?

We do not read hundreds of page, rather we research and apply our success.

We have hundreds of experts in our team.

I was top 3 SEO person on ScriptLance and #1 from Bangladesh.

We have team and sub-team. Association ans strategies.

Total work is done under eagle eye observation.

No blackhat, no spam, no cheating.

We have thousands of SEO feedback. With thousands of SEO proof.

Since 2004

Excellent quality at affordable cost. 80% less cost than American or European providers.

I love my team. They help me very much. Sincere, Hardworking, Devoted.

For complete or partial SEO please Contact Me

wp-o-matic autofetch and cron solution

wp-o-matic is a good plugin for autoblog that means automatic website. But most of the people fail to run it. There are several causes.

We are wordpress guru did hundreds of wp-o-matic site. No error at all. Smooth running smooth set up

What will you get if you hire us?

01. we will solve your wp-o-matic auto fetch problem

02. Cron setup for regular posting at a definite time interval

03. protect your site from search engine and adsense penalty

04. To delete duplicate post automatically generated on omatic sites

05. Solution for thumbnail generation.

……..We also help to setup wp-o-matic based full site if you need.

Flat Rate Setup:21$ [wp_eStore:product_id:16:end]

Why should you save your site from Search Engine penalty?

-If you use wp-o-matic plugin, Search Engine will ban your site and will not send any traffic to your site. Adsense or other PPC account will be banned. So it is very important to save your site from them. Only a few people know how to do it. Hire us to save your site

Cost for wp-o-matic set up is 21$ . Flat Rate[wp_eStore:product_id:16:end]

If you need Professional support for your wp-o-matic site Contact us

Complete eCommerce Store

Eye Catching eCommerce store with full security.

Search Engine Friendly eCommerce.

WP Commerce, ZenCart, OS Commerce, XCart, Magento……….

…………………Total eCommerce solutions.

Develop an eBook Sell website

Be assured that I am going to develop an eBook sell website. I will sell mainly quality original eBooks

After surfing on the net I found that many of the eBooks are low quality and they are sometimes useless. I made a team from different country, where only experts working. Surely you will get books from qualified persons.

eBooks are two types.

Type 1: SEO Books

will be some seo related books from my team. They are pro quality and will be on SEO Book section

Type 2: Valuable eBooks

Will be eBooks of various category. Authors are from different geographic zone. Some of them are gold made winner on their topic. They will be from psychology to web development. Good Quality eBooks will be from

I have done basic format. Now my task is combination. Website is under development. Soon within a week I will run those store

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of my great expertness.

I am expert of facebook, twitter, youtube, flickr and other social media marketing. Sure, I am capable of Branding your company and finally a great business opportunity created

Monthly Backlink Service

If you need Monthly Backlink Service for your sites I am ready to provide you the best. I am with my team of 49 members serving well to fill up your need.

Quality of Monthly Backlink Service

From high PR sites and low pr mixing

Related to your web content. Fully or Partially related

From different I.P address sites

Social Bookmarking and social voting

Article submission

Blog commenting

wiki backlink

Profile Backlink

link popularization

url backlink

….and so on and with some trick

We do not use some techniques as some other companies do. Old techniques, May ban your site from Search Engine like random article, unrelated press release, mass backlink, one IP commenting and Bad neighbors.

I am available with my team. Will provide you as your need.

Why you will pay me? (specially my team)

We are expert on seo field to fill up your monthly backlink requirement.

Will do a research to make your site’s position up.

Dofollow backlink with useful nofollow ratio.

We apply mixing technique. This is shared nowhere.

Variation of host I.P, so a quick ranking is possible.

Variation of CMS and platform

We are the company researching everyday to be up to date.

As much natural as possible.

We are experienced on SEO field. Six years experience made our success rate sky touching. 99% successful. I am team leader. With 49 experts.

I am ready with my team. To fill up your custom requirement. Our backlinks are quality backlink and useful for your SEO. We are specialized on Search Engine Optimization.

For monthly backlink service please  Contact Us.