I am very much happy that you got interest on me & on my team.

You probably know I am Farhad Hossain, a simple person with a simple team. eFarhad.com is my portfolio website where I present me and my team. I love to work online, it is not due to I earn online but it is because I love it.

Pre-history of eFarhad.com :

I came online with a passion to see new world. I had my chance to use computer at my little age. I passed my free times online. At the beginning I made some sites, but my password hacked. Then I got interest on hacking. I missed my bed, nights after nights just to learn coding. Finally I concentrated on blogging. I got huge response from my visitors. I used my personal techniques to go top on Search Engine, this is a story of 2003 2004 2005. Day by day I learned most of the CMS (wordpress, joomla, drupal, OSC, zencart, pligg, vBulletin…..) Scripts (php, html, css, java ……) Marketing techniques to make internet world useful. Though I made 3000+ websites (before 2010) but I am still learning, doing SEO as my main hobby. Did thousands of SEO projects and still a learner. In this way eFarhad.com appeared.

For whom I worked:

SEO adviser at ScriptLance, WinkPayment, SafeVPN, 123buy, CamScript, StarDevelop and thousands of websites.

I worked for:


SEODelta BdSlot SEOCorn BangladeshTravelTour and more 17 brands.

SEO Adviser at iSMART, Herbalife, Fannit, TaxSolutions, HostaVPS, Xomobo, Vibejam, KarbonaBikes, LUSH

SEO Consultant at 35 SEO firms.

Properties of eFarhad.com:

Trust-We try maximum to keep trust. It is our main wealth.

Continuous Support-Nonstop support. Extra care.

Profitability-We try best to make your business profitable, that is why you pay us in time.

Friendly-We do not like to be boss or slave. Please treat us as a friend. We will do so.

Reliability-We provide website login/pass just after the work, hassle free service.

Safety-We keep your secret data safe. We never share data with others, even if you harm us.

……..We love to grow with you.


Present environment of eFarhad.com:

Currently we are hundreds of experts at eFarhad.com and associated firms, All are highly skilled and ready to adjust with any changes. Though we focus highly on SEO but we are expert in every type of online marketing, eCommerce, system designing, IT based project planning.

Serving Area:

Our most of the clients are from Australia, UK, Canada, USA, France but we work for global clients.

…………..inform me what you need to solve.

Thank you for your interest. Will be happy If you leave a feedback. Contact Me