Email marketing got it’s place just after search engine optimization, and the best place if you want to reach your customer quickly. Skillful eMail Marketing can make your business profitable overnight.

We are habituated to hear (about other providers): I am blacklisted, My Hosting account is disabled, My host suspended me. Many people claimed and my account removed. Existing companies can not deliver email well into inbox, so much costly……..

Quality of our email marketing solution:

No Blacklist, No spam claim – with unsubscribe option.

No hosting problem, No domain problem – One VPS for one client.

No Search engine traffic reduction – Additional domain to redirect traffic.

About 95% inbox delivery – Variation in subject and message (small part)

Support html and plain text (we also develop email template)

Our own high end script, codes, strategy – No software hired.

You can give us your own list (Also we have a large list of every country)

No IP rotation, server rotation: One server – One client. No tricks – no blacklist.

Our system is treated as white list every time.

Here is the cost: No additional charge.

100,000 = $80

200,000 = $120

300,000 = $160

400,000 = $200

500,000 = $240

*NB: Only Sending cost. email collection cost is not included.

Probably this is the best email marketing solution.

Software email marketing can be detected automatically and due to use of SMTP it consumes so much server resources. Some companies offer free email marketing, they offer 100 to 500 email sending limit. Probably 500 email sending limit will not satisfy you.

Email list: We support text, csv, excel, database. We also help to collect mail address from a forum, community or directory. So you can expand your area.

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