Hire me If you need to check up your website. Mainly SEO work. Also Adsense or sale checking.

Many of you are good at SEO but getting very less success. May be something wrong you did. May be somewhere you did excess and somewhere less as required. So you need a consultant to check your site.

If you hire me I will check up your site and will guide you well.

What I will do?

On page SEO checkup: If they are ok or not. If not what to do. As given below

meta data – title, keywords, description and related

keywords research and suitable keyword assignment

sectional arrangement

webmaster data setup

content check up and related tag assignment.

Perfect sitemap and robots.txt setup

………and some on page optimization check I only share with my customers.

I will also perform competitors research and related search trend and possibilities.

Off page Optimization Checking: This includes wide range of tricks. Some of them given below

Your backlink count and relevancy

where to do backlink

Finding related page for you to perform comments.

Many of backlinking theory and suitability of your site.

RSS sumbission

Directory submission

Social Bookmarking


url backlink

…………..and so on

Do not late. Try me on skype or contact me or mail me.

I will try my best to make a good relationship so that we can work together more and more