wp-o-matic is a good plugin for autoblog that means automatic website. But most of the people fail to run it. There are several causes.

We are wordpress guru did hundreds of wp-o-matic site. No error at all. Smooth running smooth set up

What will you get if you hire us?

01. we will solve your wp-o-matic auto fetch problem

02. Cron setup for regular posting at a definite time interval

03. protect your site from search engine and adsense penalty

04. To delete duplicate post automatically generated on omatic sites

05. Solution for thumbnail generation.

……..We also help to setup wp-o-matic based full site if you need.

Flat Rate Setup:21$ [wp_eStore:product_id:16:end]

Why should you save your site from Search Engine penalty?

-If you use wp-o-matic plugin, Search Engine will ban your site and will not send any traffic to your site. Adsense or other PPC account will be banned. So it is very important to save your site from them. Only a few people know how to do it. Hire us to save your site

Cost for wp-o-matic set up is 21$ . Flat Rate[wp_eStore:product_id:16:end]

If you need Professional support for your wp-o-matic site Contact us